How to Secure Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Today we already have over 65% machine running on Virtualization platform. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) has become a trend in IT field for several years. For a number of reasons: It reduces IT costs especially for those companies who have lots of mobile workers or seasonal waves of new employees. Also, it allows users to connect any device.  Is your VDI security with adequate defence?  And how do you handle the Patching cycles which require update or run on VDI session....... " read more

  Source from: 13 March 2017, Busting the Non-Persistent VDI Security Myth! Abstract from:

Nexus Solutions brings you the unique Endpoint Security with full spectrum of security coverage with reputation engine, local analysis for file-based malware, deep inspection for document based malware, scripts/PowerShell, memory based attacks, and weaponized documents.  Detect, Prevent, and Response capabilities in one agent/one console architecture.  Cyber warranty protect against from ransomware attacks to keep your VDI platform with a total protection.


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