Post-attack action: Rollback feature

The cyber world keeps changing every single day and what is the biggest issue we’ve ever concerned with – SECURITY. While look into the statistics of Ransomware 2017, we can conclude that ransomware is still dominating the world of security. Ransomware outbreak is still the largest and widely known attack, we’ve ever seen yet.

The trend of ransomware attack is growing. The number of attacking business and its ransom are also increasing. The degree of complication of both distribution method and attack vector have expanded as well. Meanwhile, the cost of ransomware attacks keeps increasing, as there are more new compliance mandates are being added, no matter if the data is recoverable or if the victim pays the ransom.

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Nexus Solutions provides unique Next Generation Endpoint Protection Solutions to prevent your computers from malware attack which includes full Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) type functionally in the core platform. Moreover, this is a great opportunity to replace or augment existing Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) solutions for all companies that looking for a brand-new approach and an integrated EDR.Machine. The product is the only

  • Real-time analysis & root cause forensic investigation
  • Rollback & Immunize-Automatic remediation to undo system changes
  • Automatic Mitigation Quarantine files and endpoints
  • Dynamic Execution Inspection and Exploit Detection
  • Reputation-based preemptive block and prevention polices

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